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our names are Kenny and Ricky, we are 7 years old and identical twins. We are in second grade and we live in Freital-Pesterwitz (close to Dresden).
Foto Kenny und Ricky Presse 4
Our biggest hobby is soccer. We prachtice twice a week at the SV Pesterwitz – F3 Youth. Our greatest success was the winning of a regional league match and we are very proud of that.

Wir sind Hallenkreismeister!!!

We made great friends in our teams, on the field and outside the field and we support each other.
Kenny und Ricky SV Psterwitz Kreis
Now we need urgent help outside the soccer field – to fight the awful disease called ALD!
Ricky struggles already when playing soccer along with many other things he did before.
Please help us if you can.
Kenny and Ricky